Toyota Confirms Discussions With NASCAR

Hopes of Expansion To Craftsman Truck Series

Toyota officials confirmed to that the company is involved in discussions with NASCAR in hopes of someday expanding their current Goody’s Dash program into the Craftsman Truck Series.

Company spokesman Greg Thome stated, “We are currently in discussions with the Craftsman Truck Series people at NASCAR and doing some feasibility studies on someday entering the series. There has been no timetable set since we’re still gathering information.” Thome went on to say “Toyota is extremely happy with our Goody’s Dash program and hope to continue to grow our participation with the Celica in that series. Robert Huffman has won three of five and leads the points to date, and we’re adding two more Celicas to the field soon (for a total of seven).”

They failed to comment on the specifics, only that they are talking with regards to the Craftsman Truck Series, with no mention of Winston Cup.  There probably will not be any decision or official announcement until late this year or early next year.

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