Ryan Newman Loses Engine….Hmmmmm By Guest Writer Ann Mallicoat

Somehow it didn’t surprise me when Ryan’s engine blew up at the Coca-Cola Racing Family 600. I had been watching the Penske team since Jeremy Mayfield signed up to drive the number 12 ride. Jeremy seemed to be coming into his own until…. He did better than Rusty. I watched as Jeremy had equipment failures. I thought that he was overdriving the car. I couldn’t believe a driver who had done well in the past was having such awful luck. Talking with my brother and other NASCAR fan’s finally opened my eyes…..

Nemechek Says Bodine Took Him Out

For the second straight day at Dover International Speedway, driver Todd Bodine was castigated for a wreck that eliminated another competitor’s car. In Sunday’s MBNA Platinum 400 Winston Cup race, Joe Nemechek accused Bodine of wrecking his No. 25 UAW-Delphi Chevrolet, bringing out the race’s second caution period at about lap 47 — less than 20 percent of the way into the 400-lap event on the high-banked one-mile oval. “I’m pretty frustrated right now,” Nemechek said. “I don’t know what was with Todd Bodine. He got into me on the backstretch. “I’d been on the outside of him — he knew I was there, but evidently he thought he had more room than he did and got me turned on the backstretch. He just kind of held me along into Turn 3. This shouldn’t be happening this early — he needs to pay attention to where the hell he is on the race track.” Nemechek’s car was flattened virtually up to the rear window after backing into the outside wall. He attempted to drive back to the garage area but had to stop on pit road when the dragging tail section caused a fire to break out. Track firemen extinguished the fire and Nemechek emerged uninjured.(NASCAR.com)(6-3-02)

NASCAR May Use The “Big Stick”

NASCAR’s longstanding policy has been, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” In an unprecedented move, NASCAR president Mike Helton has warned owners and crew chiefs that the stick might come into play. In the drivers’ and crew chiefs’ meeting prior to Sunday’s MBNA Platinum 400 at Dover International Speedway, Helton reinforced the importance of following NASCAR’s guidelines. Citing three height violations by the winners in the last 18 Winston Cup races and a perceived failure of NASCAR’s system of fines in dissuading the post-race inspection failures, he said loss of finishing positions or championship points might be considered as further punishments for future transgressions. In virtually every case, NASCAR has allowed the race winners’ victories to stand no matter what rules violations were found in post-race inspection. In the meeting Sunday morning, Helton took the microphone and addressed his remarks specifically to owners and crew chiefs. He quoted rule book section 20-12.8.1A addressing height requirements and the method of measuring them; and also section 12- 4T on penalties for infractions. The latter states “. . .a fine, and/or loss of championship points, and/or loss of finishing position(s) in the Event” regarding penalties for height violations. “So far we have chosen to use a system of fines to address these violations,” Helton said. “We just wanted everyone to know there are other options available if it continues.”(NASCAR.com)(6-3-02)

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